This Is How NapBuddy Helps Your Baby

boy sleeping with NapBuddy baby white noise machine


When you have a baby in your house, it can feel as if sleep is a distant memory. Even when your little one reaches the stage of not waking every couple of hours for feeds, they may still find it hard to fall and stay asleep.

What pediatricians are saying?

To help your baby fall asleep, many pediatricians often recommend relaxing activities and warm baths, to help your baby sleep through the night. As a parent, you probably have heard many different strategies like swaddling, lullabies, and even Bach or other composers' music.

Fortunately, when nothing recommended seems to work, there is one solution that actually works like magic and can help you calm your crying baby almost instantly. It's the baby white noise machine from NapBuddy.

But before discussing the benefits of our baby white noise machine, we'll first outline what white noise is and why it can be incredibly effective at helping babies, toddlers, and even adults fall asleep easily. 

What is White Noise?

By definition, white noise is a sound that contains every frequency within the range of human hearing in equal amounts. It has the same sound as the static on radio and TV, but other sounds such as those caused by running water or from a fan, vacuum cleaner, or even washing machine are very similar.

When your baby was in the womb, they were surrounded by constant whooshing sounds from your body. Your baby's cozy home was filled with continuous white noise, lulling her in and out of slumber. That's why it can be challenging for babies to transition into an everyday silent nursery.

With sleep being so crucial, a baby white noise machine is a lifesaver in those early days.

baby yawning while resting on mothers arms

How does white noise help your baby sleep?

Whether your baby is an easy sleeper or a more challenged sleeper, white noise can help in several ways.

Firstly, the gentle, consistent sound can soothe her to sleep. You're probably used to whispering 'shhh shhh' to help calm your baby, which is an instinctual sound that mimics a mother's heartbeat, and it works.

When your baby hears this type of sound, she can focus on it, which helps her relax and – hopefully - sleep.

Interestingly, although we like to walk carefully around babies and try to stay as quiet as possible, this is not their experience in the womb. After spending months in the womb's enclosed, safe environment, they can become stressed and over-tired with unfamiliar sounds, which often leads to crying.

That's the moment when a baby white noise machine comes in handy.
White noise is a familiar sound that keeps babies calm and helps them drift off to sleep.


Six soothing sounds from NapBuddy's baby white noise machine

The baby white noise machine from Napbuddy replicates the white noise sounds and creates a well-known environment for babies that reminds them of a cozy life back in the womb. These white noise sounds help your baby feel relaxed by creating a womb-like atmosphere that soothes your baby and helps them calm and falls asleep faster.

But what makes NapBuddy so great?

Weighing less than 5oz, you really can take this baby white noise machine everywhere you go. It's so small and light enough to toss in your diaper bag for weekend trips.

Rather than making just one type of white noise, the NapBuddy offers the option of six different sounds. These sound options allow you to use trial and error to work out which they like best – maybe it's a lullaby, perhaps it's a rain sound or ocean waves, or it can be simple white noise, fetal heartbeat, or even shh sounds. Furthermore, NapBuddy has an automatic sleep mode that turns it off after 30 minutes of use.

Did we mention it's rechargeable?
This is a fantastic feature because you don't have to keep up with batteries.

But one of our baby white noise machine's best values is undoubtedly a baby-safe clip that you can easily attach to a stroller or even a car seat. That's the solid proof that good things really do come in small packages.


So, if you have a fussy baby and you're looking for ways to survive the night, you may want to consider our baby white noise machine. It's safe, affordable, and the most effective way to comfort a crying baby.

Not every baby will like a white noise machine. But for those that do, the baby white noise machine from Napbuddy will be a miracle-worker!

NapBuddy is a must-have item for many parents hoping for just a little bit more sleep. This is basically everything you could ever need for your baby's sleep.